difference between northern and western mountains?


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Northern and western mountains.....umm.....where?

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Northern Mountains 🗻

Western Mountains 🗻


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Well, let's see here. The Northern mountains are probably in the North and I suspect the Western mountains must be in the West. I could be wrong though!

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Dear Mishal Khan,

The Northern Mountains of Pakistan include Karakoram, the Himalayas, and Hindu Kush. They are generally higher than the Western Mountains, the beautiful K2 reaching 8611 meters (28,251').

In the Northern Mountains the precipitation is mainly snow, and because of the severe climate there are mainly glaciers not rivers. Thus also a low population density.

The Western Mountains include the Sulaiman Range, the Waziristan Hills, Koh-i-sufaid, the Mountains of Swat and Chital, and the Kirthar Hills. There are many springs and limestone ridges. The valleys between the rivers are highly mineralized, with irrigation and farming especially wheat, rice, and sugar cane. The passes through these mountains are very important economically and for communication.

The first photo here is lovely K2 in the Karakoram Range, and then a map for you. Thank you for a very interesting question.

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thanks !! this answer helped me in my h.w
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Dear Mishal Khan, I had some difficulty in locating high quality sources, so be sure to double-check this information if you are able...
But you are welcome, and very glad it helped you!

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