What Are The Differences Between Northern Mountains And Western Mountains Of Pakistan?


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The northern part of Pakistan is occupied by the western part of Himalayan Mountains. Since the past one million years, these mountains have received their current elevation. These mountains are considered as the youngest mountains around the globe. The ranges of Himalaya in the northern Pakistan, extends around two hundred miles, in other words it covers an area of 320 kilometres. There are four peaks that stand around 26,000 feet high, whereas majority of peaks are more than 15,000 feet. The ranges includes peaks like Naga Parbat which 26,660 feet tall and K2 peak which is 28,215 feet tall.

There are very less people staying in this region, although at some parts you will find dense population. The main crop of this region is apricots, fruits barley etc. You may also find timber and pine depending upon the rainfall

The western mounts of Pakistan spreads through south from Hindu Kush. It runs in several ranges parallel to each other. The highest mountains exceeds the height of twenty four feet you will find peaks which are very less lofty. This area receives very low rainfall that effects the vegetation and makes it less. This area sometimes receives heavy rainfall and the flow of water increases to certain extent eroding the soil. Cultivation is carried out near streams and parallel to banks of river.

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