Can You Explain Briefly About The Difference Of Northern And Western Mountains Of Pakistan?


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Northern mountains are at high range at the altitude of average six thousand meters. They are covered with mass of rock and ice, which forms glacier on these mountains. The area is rich in water as the ice melts the small tributaries of water comes out of it. As the temperature is very low, population is less. Agriculture and forests are main source of earning for people. These areas are very scenic.
The Northern mountains ranges are:
1. Karakoram range
2. The Himalayas range
3. The Hindukush range
Western Mountains are bare of vegetation, the climate does not support vegetation as it is dry and water availability is less. Canal irrigation is not possible. Mostly these mountains are rich in minerals, limestone and clay. Limestone’s and sandstones are the main minerals in these areas. The landscape is mostly rugged. These mountains are rich in mineral resources, but could not explore because of lacking finances.
The Western mountains ranges are:
1. Safed Koh ranges
2. Waziristan hills
3. Suleiman range
4. Kirthar hills

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