What can the whole world (international) do to lessen the impacts of global warming? Need a good answer for my assignment 


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Re-use, recycled and use only what is needed.

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Thats a good one, but i think thats more like a thing that individuals can do. I was thinking about what the world can do as a whole
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7 Billion Individuals makes a World aka Our Beautiful Planet aka OUR Home. BAM 🌏
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Start with these:

Overcome the denial of the willfully ignorant. 

Abandon fossil fuels.

Convert to renewable energy.

Replant lost forests and create new forests to filter the air. 

Even if the entire world adopted these suggestions tomorrow, we are still facing the repercussions of the CO2 overload on the climate for (at least) decades to come. The ancient arctic glaciers are now gone in many places, nothing we can do to restore them and sea levels are rising. A spiral of warming is underway.

Employ your favorite search engine to research this subject for yourself.

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It really blows my mind that the most common fuel on earth is little used, and it is reusable. Hydrogen when ignited turns to water, then can be split again to burn again. Very few use it, but it's the one source that is nearly never ending.
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A lot of better ideas being sidetracked by the Oil and Coal Industry - villains in this Greek tragedy. So much of our progress arises from failure.

It blows my mind that Florida Power & Light has made solar energy nearly unattainable here in the Sunshine State. Villains, I say.
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Carrier has been in the news.

Perhaps AC's installed within the Arctic Circle and on Antarctica would work---assuming we can find a place to exhaust the warm air.

(Hey, if Archimedes can say "Give me a lever and a place to stand and I will move the earth," then I can day-dream.)

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