What Does Global Warming Do To The Earth.?


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The effects of global warming are not only limited to physical and climate changes but also affect the social and economic conditions of people.
I am enlisting some effects of global warming below:
1) Rising sea level as a result of melting polar caps.
2) Retreating glaciers
3) Increasing precipitation leading to more erosion and thus, more desertification
4) Extreme weather like increased storm intensity and hurricanes etc.
5) Increased probability of droughts
6) Increased incidence and spread of diseases like malaria.
7) Disruption of natural ecosystem systems.
8) More risk of extinction for many species as a result of change in natural ecosystem systems.
9) Ocean acidification  because more carbon dioxide dissolves in oceans because of higher temperature.
10) Changing agriculture patterns.
11) Water scarcity
12) Economic losses due to increasing natural catastrophes.
13) Social effects of loss of lives and resources due to natural disasters.
14) Losses to fisheries as fish become more vulnerable due to warming and acidification of oceans.
15) Disappearing cities (count New York and Maldives in) because of sea level rise.
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Global warming impacts the environment in this different ways:-
  1. it has effects on weather the weather becomes extreme, evaporation increases, the glacier retreats and disappears.
  2. Economically it affects agriculture, insurance, transportation, migration, developments, ecosystems, forests.

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