Its back to 76f here and the ac is on how is it where u live lololol??


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Ancient Hippy answered

It's 34F here in PA. The heater worked overtime last night.

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Mountain Man answered

Right now it's 34F.  We got 2 1/2" of snow topped with sleet and ice yesterday into this morning. I plowed us off the mountain at 4:00 am to leave early for work and my boss text me when I was just about to the shop to come in an hour late.

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It's a balmy 20F here in my corner of Colorado. :)

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Darik Majoren answered

First of all, if you have the AC on at 76 degrees . . It's either severely humid or you are doing it wrong.

But I do welcome the laughter my brother . . . It is 30 degrees warm here in New England, and a mixture of rain and snow . . Which means my feet are wet from walking in slush.

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Ray Dart answered

It's been about 55 F here today. Grey and miserable with the sort of rain that gets into everything. Dark early because of the cloud cover.

(Love it :) )

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