I love the sound of the gentle waves as they lap the ocean shore. What do you like about the ocean?


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We rent on the beach every year, and I love to fall asleep to the waves crashing against the rocks, the buoy dinging in the distance and sounds of the seagulls . . . . I'm not so sure I can live too far from the ocean where I can't visit it often. 

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Yin And Yang
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May I ask? How much does something like that cost?
Darik Majoren
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A couple grand for a week during the fourth of July.
We split it with a couple and the House is HUGE, so our kids come and stay with friends that come and go all during the day . . . it is a lot of fun.
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Wow! Sounds like a lot of fun!
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Everything :D


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Sights, sounds, smell, the breeze, the wildlife.... Ok let me say this, the only thing I don't like is bringing the sand home.

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I love the absolute silence when you are adrift on the ocean on a calm day. Nothing, no sound at all.

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Yin And Yang
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Forgive me for being "unknowing" but........ there is a part of the ocean that is silent!?!?!? That would be a sound to hear! I assumed there was the sound of waves everywhere in the ocean.
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It is nice to sleep too.

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There are fish to be caught.

I find the experience of the sea to be so primal, so decompressing, it inspires me. I will always live near the water.

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