What are some different types of carpet cleaning methods?


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Dont listen to ⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆ them!!!

The best way to clean your carpets is to get a big ol' can of spam and rub it in your carpet!

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Don't forget you have to throw the spam in a blender for a while, that way you get a nice thick paste that spreads over the carpet evenly.
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YOU ARE CORRECT! Man I ALWAYS forget that part! Thank you for the reminder my friend! 🤗
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If you have carpet at your home, then you must clean the carpet properly. There are some cleaning methods are available  which have some advantages and also disadvantages. Carpet can be cleaned by two methods - dry cleaning and steam cleaning.

  • Dry cleaning is -  using bleach powders to attract the dirts.

  • Pros - Simple and fast cleaning system, no need to expert in this cleaning.

  • Cons - Can’t clean deep in the carpet, also the powder can spread around the home.

  • Steam cleaning is - pouring hot water in the dirt area on carpet then vacuum the place and let it dry.

  • Pros - This method cleans the dirt from the deep. Can be used on regular basis.

  • Cons - Need vacuum cleaner, this method is expensive.

There are others methods to clean the carpet in the right way - cleaning with foam, shampoo, absorbent pad.

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There are few different ways to clean your carpets but not all will do the deep clean many are seeking. For example, steam cleaning is not a deep clean or shampoo and can generally freshen up a rug or area in your home, but it may not remove all of the dust and allergens.

Shampooing and foam washing generally do a deeper clean and can remove the majority of dirt, allergens, germs, and pet and human dander, which makes it much more effective than steam cleaning. Dry carpet cleaning is also quite popular now as it uses a completely different technology and is known to be safe and effective for both commercial and residential carpets.

The carpet cleaning method you choose depends entirely on your budget and your immediate needs.

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