What Are The Different Methods Of Information Gathering?


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In direct personal observation the researcher is the observer. Researcher records what the participants are watching and doing. However, in social research direct personal observation plays a vital role. That is, the researcher is watching what is happening, or may rely on the reported observations of others.
In indirect personal observation the researcher must rely on the reported observations (including self-observations) of others. In this type of observation the research could conduct interviews with people about how they use lets say for example the search-engines. This would be indirect personal observation.
In social research you are not bound to specific channels of gathering information. The observational methods are effective but sometimes the researcher collects the information from the local agencies like NGO's and other Government departments. Because in the society there are a number of NGO's and other local social agencies working for some social cause so information can be obtained from them.
As the name suggest the researcher also gathers the information through representation method. It is mostly done in aptitude testing where you are given a number of models to choose the best for your self according to the situation. To obtain the results out of this kind of method researcher has done some kind of coding or specified a criteria to evaluate and analyze the response. This is also a very helpful and time saving tool of gathering information.
Another method of gathering information is the questionnaire method. As the name explains its self the researcher devises the questionnaire based on the number of factors involved in its research and he/she is trying to find out the exact point of view of the participants. In questionnaire method the freedom of what to say is not provided by the researcher. This is a very effective and handy tool to dig out the specific information about the research topic.
Enumerator is someone who collects census data by visiting individual homes. This technique is adopted in a case where researcher is not sure about the actual amount of participants. The researcher visits the census department and collects the relevant information and then formulates his strategy based on the information provided by them. Meanwhile the researcher conducts the interview try to investigate the accuracy of the information provided by them.
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In order to gather information, you need to first be specific about what information you are gathering. Firstly you could go over to the internet on any of the popular search engines and type in your topic of search. You will then get a list of websites that will provide you with that information and you could visit them and gather the info.

Then you could visit a library and go through various books that will provide you with that sort of information. What you could also do is conduct a survey and get information from other people. Or you could visit and post your question. You could even approach consultancy firms and take their help. And the end of gathering the information you will have to analyse and interpret all that you have learned and put them together.
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Methods of information gathering can be:
1)direct observation
2)gathering from examining/experiments.
3)Getting from higher people who knows better than you.
4)By studying the relevant books and literature

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