What Type Of Questions Do Psychologists Ask A Patient?


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The questions psychologists ask patients will usually depend on what problems the patients have had previously and the reason for them to be seeking psychological therapy.

  • History
Psychologists will usually ask a patient about their history with their mental health and what has brought them there. This will help with any problems on the surface that will need to be dealt with. These questions will also allow the patient to explain why they feel they would benefit from therapy and how they think it will help them.

  • Phobias and fears
Psychologists will ask about any phobias and fears. As they may be concentrating on the phobias and fears of a patient, they will ask these questions so that they can understand further the extent of the problem and be able to get to the root of what the patient is worried about.

  • Childhood and early life
There are some things that happen in our early life that can influence phobias and fears and these things are useful for psychologists to know about. These can influence the kind of therapy that they feel will be appropriate for the development of the patient.

  • Negative thoughts and feelings
The therapist will ask about any negative thoughts and feelings the patient may have and how they feel in certain situations. This can help to pinpoint where some of the depressed thoughts and feelings come from.

  • Goals for the future
The psychologist will want to know what you aim to get out of the therapy sessions and also what you aim to achieve in the future. This will help both the patient and the psychologist set any goals that they wish to achieve before the end of the course of therapy.
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They usually ask questions about the way you feel. For example, "How does that make you feel?" or "How did that person make you feel?". But ,obviously it always depends in what kind of situation you are in. Hope it kinda helped .

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