What Questions Do Psychologist Ask Their Clients To Better Understand More About A Person's Problems, Feelings, Relationships, And Background?


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That depends heavily on the nature of the person's problems.  Getting people to open up can be a long and difficult process, but sometimes being direct is the best solution.  Most people who come to see a psychologist know why they're there, even if they don't admit it, and once the psychologist has established a sort of relationship with the client and the client is relaxed, the psychologist may ask questions like, "how did what that person said make you fee?"  "Can you describe the way you and that person get along?"  "Has that kind of interaction happened in the past?"  "Do you suspect any connections between these events?"

A psychological discussion session is adapted to the patient, just like the therapy the psychologist suggests.
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Why only two stars? I've got a degree in psychology; if that's not what you wanted, please ask more specifically.

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