Why Do We Use Liquid Barometer?


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The liquid barometer is an instrument ideal for measuring atmospheric pressure. There are three types of barometer available like the aneroid barometer, the electronic barometer and the liquid barometer: All used for measuring atmospheric pressure and weather forecasting.  In a liquid barometer, as the name implies; a liquid is used to measure atmospheric changes. A liquid barometer consists of a you-shaped tube with one end closed.

The liquid barometer is synonymous as a mercury barometer. Though any kind of liquid can be used in a liquid barometer, only liquid mercury has that dense quality in it for easy practical usage.  Liquid barometers comprising of water or such other liquids with similar density need to have a tube measuring about 10 meters tall in order to get an accurate measure of atmospheric pressure. Water barometers are best used to measure atmospheric pressure for a short period of time. Weather stations and laboratories however, make use of liquid mercury barometers.

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