Why Is Dandelion Called Lion's Tooth?


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The name dandelion is the English name for a beautiful buttercup yellow flower. It is also called lion's tooth- this is because its notched leaves bear much resemblance to the teeth of lions.

The name dandelion is a corruption of the original French word dent de lion which when translated means 'lion's teeth'. In Greece the flower is called Leotodon which means lion tooth in Greek.
Dandelions are was originally from Asia and Europe, although they are found flourishing in all parts of the world today.

The dandelions have many medicinal and culinary uses. They are even cultivated for commercial purposes in some parts of the world. Dandelions are edible and taste good both cooked and raw.

These flowers are even used in the preparation of dandelion wine. Dandelion flower jam is also quite delicious. In addition dandelion roots can be roasted and then ground in to a fine paste to be used as a coffee.

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