What Are The Types Of Hormones?


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There are several types of hormones. There is Melatonin that is produced in the pineal gland, Serotonin produced in the GI tract, Thyroxine and Triiodothyronine produced in the Thyroid gland, Epinephrine and Norepinephrine produced in the adrenal medulla, Dopamine produced in the hypothalamus, AAntimullerian hormone from the testes, Adiponectin from the adipose tissue, Calcitonin in the thyroid gland, Erthrpoietin in the kidneys, Gastrin from the stomach, Insulin in the Pancreas, Testosterone in the tstes, Estradiol in the ovaries, Estrone also in the ovaries, Secretin from the Duodenum, Inhibin in the testes, growth hormone in the anterior testes, Ghrelin in the stomach, Antidiuretic hormone in the posterior pituitary, Somatostatin in the hypothalamus, Thrombopoietin in the liver, Calcitriol in the Kidneys and several others in the human body alone.

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