What Hormones Maintain The Uterine Lining?


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The uterine lining of the uterus is maintained by the two main female hormones, progesterone and oestrogen.

Progesterone is one of the principal hormones secreted at the time of pregnancy and is mainly generated by the placenta. It works to restrain the smooth muscle in the uterus from constricting and reduces the creation of prostaglandin, both of which facilitate the growth of the foetus in proportion to the expansion of the uterus.

High levels of progesterone also affect other parts of the body, not necessarily in a good way. For example, it causes heartburn as well as acid reflux.

Oestrogen is also mainly generated by the placenta and works in co relation with progesterone. It raises the blood flow of the uterus and also increases the secretion of prolactin.
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