What Are The Different Types Of Communications?


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post office
computers (social networks)
telephones- (cell phones)
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Communication can be categorized into different type of depending upon the level at which it takes place,the direction it takes,or by its very nature.apart from the different methods and channels of communication,there are various type of communication,they are:
1.personal communication and business communication
2.internal communication and external communication
3.upward communication and downward communication
4.formal communication and informal communication
5.mass communication
6.global communication
7.lateral communication
8.interactive communication
9. Social communication
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Communication can be done in different ways. Some of the ways are as follows:
1. By direct verbal method: This is a face to face communication in spoken words. It is the most interactive type of communication and can provide immediate feedback.
2. By indirect verbal method: In this method, an instrument is used to transmit messages, e.g. telephone, radio, television, etc.
3. By writing: This communication through written messages such as letter, fax, computer etc.
4. By grape–vine: This is an informal means of passing the news or rumors from person to person.
5. Paralanguage: It consists of the ways in which people verbalize. It affects and reinforces the verbal message being transmitted.
6. By non-verbal communication: In non verbal communication, also known as 'silent language', the people communicate with one other through body talk. They express their ideas by the use of signs, symbols, gestures, facial expressions and body movements.
7. Abstract communication: In abstract communication, the sender does not represent people or objects in a realistic way but expresses his own ideas and feelings about certain aspects. It takes the form of abstract pieces of art, etc. It is a less reliable indicator of the true feelings of an individual.
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According to the number of people involved communication can be of following types:
I. Intrapersonal
ii. Interpersonal
iii. Group
iv. Public and
v. Mass communication.
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There are basically two types of communication: One is verbal and the other one is non-verbal. Verbal is a spoken communication. The example of verbal communication is oral communication Like talking, presentation and so on. Non-verbal communication is normally understood as the process of sending and receiving wordless messages. Such messages are sent and received by gesture; body language or posture; facial expression and eye contact etc.

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