Where Is The Ball And Socket Joints Found?


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The shoulder and the hip
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In the shoulder and in the hip.
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It is found in the hip .
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There are several ball and socket joints in the human body and these joints tend to be similar in mammals, although variations occur because humans are bipedal (we walk on two legs) and most other mammals walk on four legs.

The hip joint is the largest ball and socket joint in the body and there are two, one at the top of each leg. The head of the femur, the main thigh bone, is shaped like a ball and this fits into the almost spherical socket in the pelvis. The head of the femur fits into the socket quite snugly but there are tissues and fluid around the bone to prevent the two hard surfaces grating together.

Ligaments, tendons and muscles hold the two bones in place at the joint, so that it is very difficult to dislocate.

The other ball and socket joint in the human body is found at the shoulder, where the top of the arm joints the pectoral girdle.
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In the knee  and the shoulder bone
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Ball and socket joint refers to the joint located between bones that allow for three dimensional movements like the hip joint which lies between the pelvis and the femur. Cartilage rimming and lubrication by synovial fluid are the factors that facilitate these movements. The bones are kept in their place by ligaments and they move with the help of muscles. They are said to be the most mobile joint in the human body.

They are also known as movable joints. One of the characteristics of a ball and socket joint is that it has a bone with a rounded end that fits in a cavity that is shaped like a cup on another bone. This allows for movement in any direction. The pivot, hinge and gliding joints are also examples of ball and socket joint. Thus it is found in various parts of the body though the most common one is the hip joint.
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The ball and socket joint is found is the hip for sure. I know its a hard question but I'm a nurse so I would know.

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