What Are The Rows Of The Periodic Table Called?


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Is this from Chemistry?? Oh my god! I am learning Chemistry and am soo weak at it.. It's good to see that someone else is so eager to know more about Chemistry.

well, the people who answered you before me on this question are wrong. They are called "Groups". The column that is going from top to bottom is called "Periods".

the name of Group I is called Alkali Metals or Lithium Family. For Group II, it is Alkaline Earth Metals or Beryllium Family. For Group VII, it is Halogens or Fluorine Family. For Group 0, it is Noble Gases, Helium Family or Neon Family.

there are actually 18 groups as I have searched through the Net, but the numbers of groups I've learned are only 4 which are Group I, Group II, Group VII and Group 0. I guess these are the most important ones that you should know about.

to know more, go through the site below and you'll gain a lot of information about the Groups. >>> en.wikipedia.org
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Periods are what are the horizontal lines
and groups are the vertical lines
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