What Is A Covalent Bond And What Are Its Properties?


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A Covallent bond is a force of attraction that arrises between two atoms due to mutual sharing of an electron pair. It's properties are as follows:
(1) These compounds have relatively lower melting and boiling points than other compounds.
(2) The Covallent Compounds have lower molecular masses.
(3) They exist as gases or low boiling liquids.
(4) These compounds are less soluble in water and more soluble in non-aques solvents.
(5) They are usually non-conductors of electricity.
There are three types of Covallent bond which are as follows:
(1) Single Covallent Bond.
(2) Double Covalent Bond.
(3) Triple Covalent Bond.
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Another form of chemical bonding is covalent bonding which is caused by the sharing of electrons between two or more atoms. There can be single covalent bonds, double covalent bonds and even more. Between two Chlorine atoms, both need one electron to fulfill there outermost shell and so both share one electron between one another so that the outermost shell of both the atoms are fulfilled. There are very weak Walls` forces between molecules and that is why they do not have all the good properties that are in ionic compounds.    They are poor conductors of heat and electricity and have very low melting and boiling points. They are normally gases, volatile liquids or solids and evaporate easily to give off a smell. Most covalent compounds do not dissolve in water. However they will dissolve in some organic solvents. Covalent compounds are poor conductors, of electricity, even when molten. This is because they do not contain ions but are made up of molecules which cannot carry out electricity current.    There are two types of covalent bonds:                                              1: Molecular compounds                                          2: Macromolecular compounds    One thing to be noted at the end is this that some of the covalent compounds containing Hydrogen like water,  H2O, contains other strong bonds, i.e. Hydrogen Bonds.
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Well diamonds are a special case because of the forces behind them they are covalent bond made of Carbon but instead of using london forces they use something called Crystal Network which shapes the molecules into very strong bonds
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I agree with some of what you have said, however for as for low melting points being a characteristic of covalent bonds....How does one consider this when one is talking of covalent bonds in structures such as Diamonds....?
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A diamond is a network solid, a special type of covalent bond, where each of the atoms is covalently bonded to each other. In a regular covalent compound it is only the individual molecules that are covalently bonded. The rest of the compound is bonded via intermolecular bonds such as hydrogen bonds and van der waals forces.

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