What Is The Inflation Rate Of Pakistan In 2008?


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If you look at the official figures presented by the Pakistani government (as per the Economic Survey of Pakistan) the inflation rate in Pakistan is placed anywhere in between 8-10 %. However, the ground reality is far more stark and gritty, the country experienced steep price hikes ranging anywhere from 40-60% in food commodities and other household appliances not just once but at least thrice in a year. The price hikes were experienced even unannounced after the budget had already been announced. There are several reasons for it, the hoarders and unchecked smuggling lead to an increase in the consumer goods prices and the PPP government imposed taxes on cars and other electronic household appliances, plus an increase in the Sales taxes and other taxes imposed by the government lead to unprecedented price hikes. Also, the ongoing internal war and strife has lead to damaging effects in Pakistan's economy.

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