What Is Examples Of Useful Bacteria?


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A useful bacteria promotes peristalsis of the intestines. There are many types of useful bacteria. The benefits of the bacterias are as follows;

Beneficial to the intestines: It treats constipation, diarrhea etc
Makes the stomach healthy
Elevates immunity
Reduces symptoms in menopause
Increase beauty
Protect your teeth
Act as an ailment
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  • acidophilus and other bacteria that help us digest food

  • nitrifying bacteria that help keep ammonia levels down in fish tanks
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Useful bacteria are those which are friendly to us. They are very important for proper functioning of our intestines. They prevents us from diarrhea and gastritis. The improve immunity, slims down the body, reduce cholesterol and prevents fatty liver.

There are more than 300 different types of useful bacterias. Most common are acidophilus and bifidus. Their good source are fresh yogurt. They are also available in form of capsules at health food stores.

The normal ratio of useful to harmful bacteria should be 85:15 .

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Are bacterias that can be used in many useful ways .
As we know scientists classify all kinds of organisms for their use fullness ,so iam sure that they clasified bacterias for their use fullness and they while classifying them found some of tthem harmful and some useful for humans and in many ways like in the production of yogurt

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