What Are The Different Types Of Typewriter ?


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The two main types of typewriter are manual and electronic; with an electronic typewriter being similar to a word processing machine.

The obvious difference between the two types is the functionality of the machines. A manual typewriter works by typing using keys which strike the corresponding letter through an ink ribbon, producing the letters individually directly onto the paper. An electronic typewriter however stores the entire document, allowing the typist to review and correct any errors before proceeding to print.


Manual typewriters are very much in the minority these days but are still in use with some writers preferring the old fashioned art of crafting their document letter by letter. Most people, certainly the personal computer generation, are used to being able to review a document, spell-check and reorganize it before committing to print.

The parts of a manual typewriter are fairly obvious to see with the document produced keystroke by keystroke. Mistakes can be corrected by correction fluid but generally require a 'rewrite' in order not to deface the appearance. With modern word processors, printing is of an electronic nature with the document read on a screen or monitor rather than in a physical format.

Supporters of the manual typewriter view its use to be a nostalgic craft; however with time increasingly the most important factor in producing literature, the decline in popularity of the traditional typewriter has been substantial.


The ability to store, edit and recreate a document makes electronic typewriters increasingly beneficial; although the growth in personal computers, laptops and notepad devices are eating into this market. With printing and publishing available and affordable to all, the present trend is to view the 'written' word in its electronic form. That said, this type of communication will always be traced back to its origins - manual typewriter, which brought printing techniques to the masses.
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There is the Qwerty layout as well as an alphabetical layout, but there are over 50 different types of typewriters, so the question is hard to answer.

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