Who Invented The Typewriter?


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The typewriter is a very modern instrument but still is being constantly improved. The first patent for a typewriter was given to an English man, named Henry Mill as long ago as 1714. It may be very surprising but in fact typewriters were patented as devices to aid the blind. In the United States the first typewriter was patented to William Burt in 1829 and it was called "a typographer". A French man, Xavier Progin invented a machine which used type bars with a key lever for each letter, in 1833.

It is very surprising that the development of the typewriter was the work of many men; each of them had some contribution. In the year 1843, an American, Charles Thurber patented a machine which made use of a set of type bars placed around a brass wheel which moved on a central pivot. The thing was brought around by hand to the letter desired and the inked type struck directly upon the paper. But the method was too slow to make this machine practical. In 1856 another step forward was made with a machine that used the principle of a circle of type bars making an impression upon a common centre.

The three United States inventors named- Christopher Sholes, Samuel Soule, Carlos Glidden made the first practical typewriter and perfected their machine to the point where it could be sold in 1873. With time the improvements moved on and now civilization has portable, noiseless, electric and electronic typewriters with memories.
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Christopher Latham Shole, invented the first practical typewriter with the help of Samuel.W. Soule and G. Glidden. They patented the prototype in 1868, It was manufactured by Remington Arms company in 1873.

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