How Do You Measure Your Waist In Inches?


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Waist measurement is an ideal way of checking your fat distribution. The fat distribution shows how healthy you are. Having too much weight around your abdomen area increases your chances of high blood pressure, diabetes and heart problems. Too much amount of weight around the belly (for males) is referred to as "apple shaped," while weight centred on the hips (for women) is referred to as "pear-shaped."

To measure your weight around your inches, look for the bottom of your ribs and the top portion of your hips. Measure your middle at a point in the middle between this area and check for the amount of risk. The following bit of information will show the increased risk and high risk for men and women:

European men: 37 inches (increased risk), 40 inches (high risk).
Asian men: 36 inches (increased risk)
European women and Asian women: 32 inches (increased risk) and 35 inches (high risk)

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