How Are Modern Farming Methods Different From Traditional Farming Methods?


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The main difference that has been between modern farming methods and traditional farming methods is the physical process of how the crops are farmed and gathered. The traditional method of farming was walking up and down the field row by row with a plough that was pulled by a cow or bull, whereas the modern method of course is to use a machine such as a combine harvester.

Old fashioned methods are often seen as being more environmentally friendly and sustainable than modern farming methods. Indeed, many people believe that the world would be better and people happier if farmers stuck to traditional methods of farming. Their philosophy is more manpower, less chemical and technological power. The only benefit of modern farming methods is that things are done a lot quickly which brings in more profit for farmers, but in today’s high demand society, people have no option but to up the supply, which means using quick and modern methods.
The use of fertiliser on crops has also changed. A traditional method for farmers was using manure that they gathered from their farm animals or horses. Although this is still common practice nowadays, it is usually only on home garden flower beds or rose gardens. It is more common today to use chemical fertilisers.

Modern methods of watering crops have also replaced the traditional method of hand watering. Much more common methods of irrigation now are surface irrigation, localised, drip, sprinkler, centre pivot, lateral move and sub-irrigation. However these methods are causing a growing concern for the Earth’s water supply because contrary to popular belief, our water supply is not infinite. And as there is an increased demand for water everywhere from the general public to industries, farmers are going to have to come up with new methods to use their water more effectively.
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Use chemicals, Machines, Water Tube wells, Tractors, Special seeds, Fertilizers
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Modern agriculture is developed on the basis of modern agriculture up to modern science and technology of agriculture as the main feature is the extensive use of modern markets, the operation and management of industrial equipment and technology knowledge and market-oriented, intensive, professional socialization industrial system, is the production, processing and marketing of the combination of prenatal, postnatal and capacity of the combination of production, living and ecological combination of agriculture, rural areas and farmers development, rural and urban, agricultural and industrial development into consideration and resources efficient use of highly consistent with the ecological environment protection and sustainable development of new industries.
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See,it fully depends on the availability of farmers that what type of farming suits them it is not important that they should definitely do organic farming.It merely depends upon their desire of what they want to do.

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