How Does A Comet Begin And End?


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It is made in the Oort Cloud and is destroyed if it gets too close to the sun.
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A comet is a small celestial body which orbits the Sun occasionally. It shows an atmosphere and/or a tail, both these results are due to solar radiation on the nucleus of the comet, which in itself is a small body that is constituted of rock, dust and ices. The orbits of comets are continuously changing, they originate in the outer solar system and they have a tendency to get highly affected by comparatively close approaches to bigger planets.

Majority of the comets are thought to have originated in a cloud called as the Oort cloud, at great distances from the son constituting of debris that is left over from the process of condensation of the solar nebula. Some comets get destroyed when they get too close to the sun, while others get thrown out of the system eternally.

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