What Are The Right Temperature And Humidity For Indoor Plants?


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Room temperatures that are comfortable for you will be suitable for most house plants. A few require cooler conditions than we ordinarily find in our modern heated homes, but this requirement should be determined before you purchase your plants. Humidity, on the other hand, may present a problem, especially during the winter months when heated rooms approach desert like conditions. Both flowering and foliage plants do best when the humidity is around 50 percent or higher. Plants tend to shed their leaves when there is not enough moisture in the air around them.
One way to provide the humidity that your plants need so much is to fill a shallow tray with pebbles, add water, and then set your pots in the tray on top of the pebbles. The additional humidity that this will provide in heated rooms not only will be healthful for your plants but no doubt will benefit you and your family also. A weekly spraying with tepid water, too, will add humidity and will keep your plants' leaves clean as well.

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