How Can I Grow A Boxwood Hedge?


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There are a number of varieties of boxwoods. The most commonly grown variety in the UK is the English boxwood. It is evergreen and can reach 20 feet tall. Another well-known variety is the dwarf boxwood, which grows slowly to around 5 feet. Generally, boxwood likes full sun or partial shade. The best time to plant is the spring. Starting with small plants, it is possible to grow a dense hedge by placing the plants 1 to 2 feet apart, depending on the variety. Adding an all-purpose fertilizer and compost to the soil will help the plants to grow. Using a string stretched between two stakes will create a straight line to guide you in planting. Plenty of water and mulch is a benefit to newly planted boxwood. Unless the plants are very small, it is often beneficial to prune the boxwood by 1/3 as soon as it is planted. This will force new growth. The following spring, the plant should be pruned again by 1/3. During the summer, the side growth can be trimmed according to the shape desired. If the hedge is more than a foot high, it is recommended to have sides that are slightly wider at the bottom. This allows for sunlight to reach the lower parts of the hedge. To maintain the desired height, the hedge should be pruned each year after it has finished its spring growth.

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