How Many 2/3 Cups Equal One Cup?


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Right, if there are 2/3 cups then there needs to be one more third to make sure that there is a whole. That means that 2/3 + 1/3 is the same as one cup, as it equals 3/3.

When you're baking or cooking, there will be times when the recipe will either need to be multiplied or reduced to cater for a different amount of people. This means that all of the amounts of food and ingredients will need to be changed proportionately within the recipe to ensure that the texture and overall taste and sight of the food will remain the same despite the change in serving size.

One standard American cup measuring device will provide you with a one cup measurement, a _ cup measurement, a 1/3 cup measurement and a _ cup measurement sized cup, Sometimes you will find a 1/8 cup measurement included as well.

So when you are altering a recipe, the subtraction and addition of fractions can be difficult. This is no doubt why you are asking this question. If you want to get the measurements right just get out a calculator and you should be able to work the measurement you need out by using basic mathematics. You will no doubt be adding and subtracting ounces, too, so you need to make sure that you understand this measurement as well.

If you can't work it out, however, then stick to using great websites like this that provide you with instant access to the knowledge and information that you need when you're cooking.
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2/3 cup needs one more third, or 1/3 cup, to equal one cup (3/3).  Therefore, 1 and 1/2  times 2/3 = 3/3.  You need 1 and 1/2 of them to equal one cup.
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2/3 of a cup is less than one cup.  You could add 1/3 additional to your 2/3 and have one whole cup.  Hope that is what you are asking.

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