How Many 1/3 Cups Are In 3/4 Cup?


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The easiest way to calculate this is to first convert the numbers into decimals, so 1/3 becomes 0.33, and 3/4 becomes 0.75. The next thing to do is to divide 0.75 by 0.33, and the answer is 2.27. (0.75 รท 0.33 = 2.27). This means that there are just over 2 and a quarter cups (0.25 is a quarter) in 3/4 cup.

It is common in the United States for the measurements in recipes to be in cups, which can very often lead to confusion like this one. A lot of recipe books, however, cater for cooks on both sides of the Atlantic and so metric and imperial measurements are also given. This takes away the uncertainty of how much of any particular ingredient is supposed to be used. The key, though, is to choose which measurement system that you are going to use and to stick with it.

If the cookery book, or the recipe, does not have alternative methods of measuring your ingredients (sometimes they are in the front or the back of the book alongside other conversions like oven temperatures) you will be able to find them quite easily on a conversion website like this one:

Obviously, you cannot assume that because there are so many ounces or grams in a cup of a particular ingredient that there is the same amount when it is a different ingredient that is being used. This is because different things weigh differently. For example, you would get a different weight in a cup of flour than you would in a cup of chopped nuts. This is one time when using a cup to measure ingredients can be beneficial, but whatever you decide to use the key to culinary success is consistency.
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About  2.3
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Ok lets see...

1/3 = 4/12

3/4 = 9/12

so... 2 and 1/4

hope that helps!! =)

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