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Qatar is also known as Dawlat Qatar or Katar or Qatar Peninsula. It is officially called State of Qatar. It is sited in the Middle East and West Asia. It sits on the northern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. Saudi Arabia is to the South of Qatar. The other sides of this peninsula are surrounded by the Persian Gulf. The Persian Peninsula is found at the intersection of African and Asian continents. Qatar is located at 25.18' North latitude and 51.31' longitude. It is a new emirate of the Arabian Peninsula.

It gained its independence from the British rule (United Kingdom) on September 3, 1971. Qatar covers an area of 11,437 square kilometres. According to the 2004 census, it holds a population of 744,029 and has ten municipalities. The economy of Qatar is geared by oil production and oil exports.
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Projecting north from that Arabian peninsula in to the Persian gulf, Qatar is mostly flat, semi-arid desert. Oil production began in the late 1940s and quickly transformed Qatar from an improvised pearl producer into a prosperous shaikhdom and a founder member of OPEC. Plentiful oil and gas reserves have made it one of the wealthiest states in the region. Politics is being democratized gradually under the ruling al-Thani clan. Area 1,435 sq. Km, Population; 700,000(2000), Capital ; Doha, Currency: Qatari Riyal(QAR). Qatar has no currency regulations. VISA; Visas required for all visitors except national of Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.
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