What Do You Know About The Barrages In Pakistan?


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Jinnah Barrage: It has been built on Indus River near Kalabagh. The canals which take water from the barrage, irrigation about 15 lakh acres of the Thal wasteland which is now being reclaimed.

Taunsa Barrage: This barrage is situated on Indus River near Taunsa at a distance of 180 miles from the Jinnah barrage. It provided the much needed rail link between Kashmor and Kot Addu as a parallel route to the main railway lines from Karachi to the north.

The Guddu Barrage: It has been constructed on Indus River at Guddu, 90 miles upstream from Sukkur and ten miles from Kashmor. The canals that branch out from here irrigate about 31 lakh acres of land in Sukkur, Jacobabad and Shikarpur areas.

The Sukkur Barrage: This one mile long barrage has been constructed near Sukkur and provided water for the seven canals, four flowing on its right bank and the three on its left-bank. They irrigate 50 lakh acres of land.

Ghulam Muhammad Barrage (Kotri Barrage): It has been constructed near Hyderabad and has a total length of 3000 feet. It provides water for 28 lakh acres of land which is now growing wheat, rice and cotton. The Kolri canal on the right bank of the river supplies additional water to the city of Karachi. The Kalri-Bhagar feeder canal supplies water to the Kinzhar lakes.

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