What Is The Capital Of Qatar?


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Ad Dawhah Doha (just called Doha in English), population estimates vary between 220,000 and 400,000. Qatar itself is quite a small place with a total population of only about 750,000.

Qatar only became independent from Britain (was a protectorate previously) in 1971, but Doha has been the capital since 1916.

Doha was originally called Al-bida, when founded in 1850. There is a fort in the southwestern part of the city called Al Wajbah fort, which was built in 1881 by al Rayyan. This was the stronghold when the Qatar people beat off the Ottoman Empire in 1893. Another fort, Al Kout, lies in the city centre and was built in 1917 by Sheikh Abdulla Bin Qassim Al-Thani.

Today the most prominent landmark in the city is considered The Government House, opened in 1969. Other features in the city are Doha University (opened in 1973), and The National Museum of Qatar, opened in 1975. Previously the National Museum had been a palace for the ruling elite until 1912.
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Qatar capital — Doha


Area: Qatar has an area of 11,427 sq km (4412 sq mi).

Capital: The capital and leading port is Doha, with a population (1986) of 217,294.

Language: Arabic is the national official language. English is widely used.

Religion: The population is almost entirely Muslim. Most native Qataris belong to the Islamic Wahhabi sect.

Population: The population of Qatar (1997 estimate) is 670,274. This figure includes a large number of migrant laborers from neighboring states.

Membership: Qatar is a member of the UN, Arab League and the Gulf Cooperation Council and Organization of the Islamic Conference.

Currency: Qatar Riyal (QR) = 100 Dirhams.

Qatar Time Difference: GMT + 3
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