How Fast Does The Earth Rotate Per Hour?


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It takes 24 hours (1day) for Earth to rotate around it's axis
and it takes 365.25 (a little more than a year)days for the Earth to revolve around the sun, because of the( .25), we add an extra day in February every forth year (leap year)
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The earth takes twenty four hours to complete one rotation. The equatorial radius that is the radius of the earth at the equator is approximately three thousand nine hundred and sixty three miles or six thousand three hundred and seventy eight kilometres. This makes the equators circumference about twenty five thousand miles. The formula of speed is simply distance upon time. Thus the speed of the earth at the equator is approximately a thousand and thirty eight miles per hour or one thousand six hundred and sixty nine kilometres an hour. The geographical poles of the earth are at zero speed and the speed progresses from there. For instance the speed at around forty five degrees south or north latitude from the equator is about seventy percent of the maximum speed.
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24 hours (1 day)
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24 hours or a day
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It takes it about a day
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It is 24 hours (1 day)
   I am in middle school and we are learning about this right now, so I think I would know.  

  When the earth rotates the sun (causing seasons, because of the tilt) that takes 365 days, (one year),  when the earth rotates on its axis, (day and night) tht is one day and takes 24 hours.

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At the equator it is around 1,070 miles an hour.  The rotation slows down as you move away from the equator.  I forgot my trigonometry so am not sure what the formula is, something to do with cosine of angle.

The earthquake in Japan cause the rotation to increase a few microseconds so our day is imperceptibly shorter now.

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