Can You Draw The Structure For Ferrocene And Acetylferrocene?


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The structure of both ferrocene, C10H10Fe, and acetylferrocene,[Fe(C5H4COCH3)(C5H5)], are fairly simple to draw, as you can see from the diagram below:

Some pictures of the atomic structure of ferrocene appear simpler, with ferrocene depicted as a two pentagons, each with a pair of parallel lines adjacent to the interior of the lower half of the pentagon, connected by a straight line, as here:

But such diagrams are inaccurate, and are based on early ideas of the structure of ferrocene after its discovery in the early 1950s, before proper analysis had been undertaken.

Although ferrocene is still quite straightforward, acetylferrocene is more complicated, with the addition of an 'open-ended' Y-shaped connection leading from one of the Hydrogen molecules to an Oxygen molecule:

If you need more pictures of ferrocene or acetlyferrocene, try Google Images, or the Wikibooks section of Wikipedia. Just make sure you have the right picture!

You could also copy the diagram of the structure of ferrocene as it is drawn in this YouTube film:

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