What Are The Five Main Types Of White Blood Cells In The Body?


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The five main types of white blood cells in the body are:
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White blood cells are also known as 'WBC's' or 'leukocytes'. These white blood cells belong to the human immune system, and they have the function of fighting infections that our body may be faced with. The white blood cells circulate within the body at various points, and if and when there is an infection, they are transported to that particular area, so that they may start their fight against whatever alien substance may have entered the body.
There are five main types of white blood cells found within our body, and they are:
• Neutrophils
• Eosinophils
• Basophils
• Lymphocytes
• Monocytes
While neutrophils act as one of the more important defenses that our body has against infectious bacteria, eosonophils have the duty of killing parasites, and play a major role in fighting allergens. Basophils perform the function of releasing histamine and heparin, while lymphocytes virtually direct the body's immune system. Monocytes enter the tissue, where they multiply to fight infections.
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White Blood cells are also known as Leukocytes. These are cells that are responsible for the defense of the body against foreign materials and infections. Following are the types of WBC's:  - Granulocytes: These WBC contain different Granules in their cytoplasm. These granules act in the digestion of Endocytosed particles. Based on the staining property, this kind of WBC is further divided into three types i.e neutrophils, basophils, and eosinophils.  - Agranulocytes: These WBC do not contain any specific granules in their cytoplasm. Its types are lymphocytes, monocytes, and macrophages.  For details see the link below:  en.wikipedia.org 
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Blood cells that are colorless, lack hemoglobin, have anucleus, and include the granulocytes which sub divide into esophil, basophil, neutrophil and Agranulocytes whuch also sub divide in to lymphocytes (T lymphocytes B lymphocytes and monocytes).
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