How Is Communication Used To Promote Misunderstanding In Stereotyping And Prejudice?


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Communication is not the biggest promoter of misunderstanding in stereotyping or prejudice but miscommunication is. Just not miscommunication but also misconception plays a role in increasing misunderstandings. Communication is the tool to clear out differences and put forth your views –bad or good- before people. The placement of certain words could change the meaning of sentences completely. This could offend the other person about whom the prejudice is voiced. People do hold prejudices against other people and stereotyping prevails in our society.

Generally, women are stereotyped to be weak. Many women take offence at this as they infer weak in all aspects. It is a good example for miscommunication and misconception. 'Women are scientifically proved to be physically weaker than males but not emotionally'. This is a complete sentence without leaving any loopholes for misconception. This is how misunderstanding prevails through communication

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