How To Promote Positive Informal Communication In An Organization?


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Informal communication in an organization can effectively increase the interest of the employees and it can also increase the interaction between them. This can ultimately result in employee satisfaction and retention. There are various ways through which the companies can increase positive informal communication.

The very first thing for this can be the proper layout of the office building. For example, instead of making cabins, it is better to keep the open sitting arrangement. Many multinational companies are doing this like Telenor Group of companies. Secondly, online groups can be designed, which most of the companies are doing. These groups can include blogs and discussion groups on yahoo groups or on various other social websites.

Informal parties and dinners can also be arranged in which the employees will get more chance to interact with each other and with senior executives as well. Birthdays of the employees and other such small occasions should be also promoted because they can also show the concern of the organization for the employees. There are various other such strategies which the organizations can implement to bring a positive change in the organization.

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