What Is Effective Communication That Promote Team Work?


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Communication can certainly break down in teams of colleagues, and it is up to management to keep communication rolling and to keep employees relationships on good terms. Let's face it - if your employees get on with each other and are communicating without bother, the business usually runs far better, so anything to aid this is helpful.

Hold buzz days - a buzz day is something that combines both learning and fun and it can really help to reinstate friendships between colleagues and employees and cue interaction and communication which is exceptionally important in a workplace. As a manager, spend a small amount of cash on small prizes and spend some time collating little games that involve team work - for example, a quiz. Put your employees into two teams and ask questions, work, or non-work related. Encourage your employees to talk amongst themselves in order to be sure they have the correct answer - this encourages team work under a non-pressurised environment.

Another thing that can help interaction and communication is to take all employees and colleagues out of the work environment. How about arranging an after-work meal, or an after-work bowling tournament? Just getting your employees out of the office after hours and have them get to know each other and hold conversations in a relaxed environment can really help communication back at work and if it's bowling you choose, again, this really helps promote team work in both work and real-life situations.

You may even want to look into Team Working Days, and there are companies that specialise in running these events. They may cost slightly more than the above suggestions, but you'll soon reap the rewards in hard work when you return and view the results.
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Set the example for your team, they will go above and beyond to please you when they see you treat everyone the same, set the expectation, and follow it yourself, when you do have a problem and you address it with the individual you always use the sandwich approach find something good, discusses the issue, find something good in what they do, never leave a issue unsolved, address them has they come. Always thank them for what they do, daily
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Face to face conversation is effective communication .
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Effective communication is vital in the work place. It facilitates cohesive relationships and increases the ability to work well with one another to induce productive outcomes.

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