What Is The Difference Between Solution And Mixture?


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IN science a mixture can be separate unlike a solution which can't be separated because the material in the solution are like a dissolving substance.
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The difference between mixture and the solution is that mixture is the combination of two or more substances which is formed without a chemical reaction. In other words, there is no bond reaction between the substances in mixture. On the other hand, a homogeneous (having the same composition) mixture of two or more substances is known as solution. Basically there are two types of mixture including homogeneous and heterogeneous mixture. A homogeneous mixture is the solution while a heterogeneous mixture is not a solution.

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Formation of a mixture just involves mixing one substance in the other one where none of the substances undergoes a chemical change and the substances have not been combined according to a specific proportion. The mixtures can be of two types, homogeneous and heterogeneous depending on the form of each mixture. The homogeneous mixture is called a solution an example for this can be sugar dissolved in water. An example of a heterogeneous mixture is that you just mix sugar and water without water. So it means that solutions are a type of homogeneous mixture.
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Mixture and Solution are not synonymic word. By definition, Mixture is the combination of two or more substances which mixed together without any reaction. Homogeneous and heterogeneous are two types of mixture. On the other hand , Solution is one type of mixture ( HOMOGENEOUS ) in which two or more substances mixed with each other in specific ratio and they can not be separated without any separating technique.

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Solution belongs to mixture, and solution is uiform and stable mixture.

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