What Is The Function Of The Spicules In A Sponge?


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Spicules are the small skeletal structures. These are found in sponges and the function of spicules is to provide structural support to the sponges. It also provides a shelter to the sponges from predators. There are two types of spicules which include the large spicules which are known as megascleres and small spicules which are known as micorscleres. The major function of spicule is to provide structural support to the organisms.
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Spicules consist of the prime part of sponge and the structural base that sponge has comes from spicules. Spicules have some other roles to play also and one of the roles is to provide deterrence from predators that might attack sponge.

The spicules that you can view with your naked eye are called megascleres while another term is also in existence for the spicules that are smaller one and are visible through the microscope only; you can call them microscleres.

When it comes to the symmetry types you can classify spicules among four parts and can give them the nomenclature of Monoaxon, polyaxon, triaxon and tetraxon. You can also classify them in accordance with their composition and when the classification is being done on that basis you can name them as calcareous, siliceous and the one that is composed of spongin.

Now you certainly have fair idea about the function of spicules in the context of sponge.

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