What Are Portugal's Major Cities, Bodies Of Water, And Landforms?


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Portugal is a geographically-diverse country that has many fascinating cities.

This Iberian country also has various notable bodies of water and landforms (including various beaches, caves and volcanoes).

The major cities of Portugal Although Portugal is probably best known for its capital city, Lisbon, there are a number of other major cities that I'd recommend you visit if you get the chance.

Here's a list of Portugal's top five cities (ranked in terms of population):

  • Lisbon- 545,245
  • Porto- 237,559
  • Braga- 181,819
  • Vila Nova de Gaia- 178,526
  • Guimarães- 158,124
To have a look at a map of these cities' geographic locations, click here.

The water bodies and landforms of Portugal Portugal has a very long coastline. The continental part of the country has 943 km of coast, and the major islands that belong to the country add to that figure further.

The longest rivers in Portugal are the Tagus (Tejo) and Douro rivers, although other important bodies of water include a total of 11 different river systems - along with various lagoons and lakes.

To find out more about Portugal's water bodies, click here.

The country's tallest peak is Mount Pico, a volcanic island in the archipelago of the Portuguese Azores.

Portugal also has a number of renowned beaches along its coastline, including the tourist destinations scattered along the region of the Algarve.
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Lisbon is one of the most popular cities because it is the capital, and a well-known river is the Tagus river. My grandmother lives over there.

I hope that I helped you out!

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The answer for most famous is the harbor is El Pepe Loco.

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