What Is El Salvador's Main Export?


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The main export of El Salvador which constitutes half of its export income is Coffee. The other exports comprise of sugar and cotton. This country offers a very good agricultural land and vast fertile valleys. Nearly two third of its land is used in cultivation. Corn is the chief crop grown out here, while other crops include wheat, sorghum, rice, beans and oilseeds. Coffee is the most important cash crop. Around 40% is employed for farming.

Some of the principal manufacturers are processed foods, tobacco products, chemicals, textiles and clothing. Consumer products, machinery, petroleum products and foodstuffs are foremost imports. The government plans to increase the production of ethanol from agricultural produce, due to the growing need for energy resources. A revolution in its economy happened in the year 2001, when El Salvador adopted the US dollar as its official currency, due to which its economy recovered.

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