What Does Electrolyte Mean?


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An electrolyte is defined as the medium in a fuel cell which provides the mechanism for transportation of ions between the anode and the cathode. Electrolytes are necessary to sustain the process of electrochemical reactions. In a PEM fuel cell, the electrolyte allows the transportation of ions of hydrogen that carry a positive charge (known as protons) from the anode, when they are produced, to the cathode, where they react with molecules of oxygen and electrons to produce water.

An electrolyte is the medium which provides the mechanism for the transportation of ions between the positive and negative electrodes of a cell. It is defined as the chemical compound that conducts ions from one electrode to another inside a fuel cell. It is one of the substances in the blood that helps to regulate the proper balance of fluids in the body. Examples of electrolytes include such elements as sodium and potassium.
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An electrolye is an ionic solution that conducts electricity, sodium chloride (binrary compound NaCl) will conduct electricity.
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An electrolytes is an conducting medium through which ionic conduction takes place between the two electrodes ie anode and cathode.

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