Who Is A Sociologist?


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A sociologist is a person who specializes in the study of sociology. He devotes himself to the study of people living in groups. Although both study human behaviour and thoughts, there is a difference between a psychologist and a sociologist. A psychologist studies behaviour of a particular individual or behaviour of little groups of people. A sociologist studies human behaviour of people living in bigger groups and their interaction with each other. Though a psychologist is a licensed term, a sociologist is not. Any one with a four year old diploma from a college can call himself or herself a sociologist.

One of the hallmarks of a sociologist is his or her writing skills. Since sociologists have to make notes and research, it follows that they have to arrange their findings and shape their views in writing. A sociologist has to be a good teacher and should be broadminded in his outlook. One can say that a sociologist is one who goes to watch a cricket match and focuses on the spectators rather than the players.

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