I Would Like To Live In Telford What Areas Are Nice And Pleasent To Live In? Also Which Areas Should I Avoid?


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Agree that Sutton Hill, Woodside and Brookside as well as parts of Hollinswood, Stirchley and Randlay are well worth avoiding.  Parts of old town Telford such as Madeley, Dawley, Little Dawley, Broseley, Wellington, Wrockwardine, Admaston, Hadley and Leegomery all worth considering and newer but more expensive are the likes of Apley, Priorslee and Muxton.  Donnington and Trench you need to be selective and Oakengates and St Georges you need to be careful due to ex mining activity - localised landslip is not unheard of.  Just on the edge of Telford lie the semi rural towns and villages of Lilleshall, Church Aston and Newport, Sherrifhales and Shifnal.  Ironbridge Gorge is also here - a World Heritage Site - nice to visit but not to live unless you have a penchant for mass tourism in the Summer and living underwater on a regular basis in the Autumn, Spring and Winter!

Quite a lot planned for Telford in the next ten years or so in terms of new housing and new amenities.  Main centre is in dire need of a investment (and is due to get it soon to be fair), transport good, direct rail link to London, M54 motorway (although M6 link through to Birmingham is hell at rush hour), decent range of schools and public/ private leisure facilities.
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Telford basically is a new town placed in the borough of Telford and Wrekin. Some of the best areas to stay in Telford would be, Dawley, Trench, Muxton, Donnington, Oakengates, Madeley, etc.

This town is quite safe, hence there aren't any places which I should warn you about not to visit. The town of Telford comprises of three railways stations they are, Wellington, Oakengates and Telford Central, hence travelling around the town and getting to it is quite easy. Telford is positioned towards the edge of M54 motorway. According to the census report of 2001, the total population of this town was 138,241.

The town was originally named in the year 1963 and was known as 'Dawley New town'. The University of Wolverhampton is also based in Telford. This region has its own football club which is known as A.F.C. Telford United.
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Errm - wouldn't agree that all of Telford is nice and safe - Brookside, Woodside and Sutton Heights have plenty of problems and I note with interest no suggestion of living in Wellington or Newport. - easily far nicer and long established towns swallowed up in the development of telford. 'Telford' is nothing more than a shopping mall - just about every other part of this made up town existed long before - its biggest problem is that in reality there is no such place
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I don't think I would advise you to live anywhere in Telford unless you have some family connection with this town.  The best areas (as such) are Lilleshall and Newport.  Both of these areas do their very best to divorce themselves with any association with the Telford and Wrekin areas.  For example Newport is termed by address Newport, Shropshire and likewise Lilleshall is termed Lilleshall, Newport etc., Priorslee used to be OK but new developments have made the place an upmarket version of Coronation Street.
In the South of Telford there is Aqueduct which once was a good place to live but is now being ravaged by buy-to-let and serious anti-social problems.  It also has (like most of south Telford) a terrible litter problem.  I wouldn't bother with Madeley.  It's OK but you need to be a local to live there.  Otherwise try somewhere like Bridgnorth : It's beautiful and your home won't devalue like so many in Telford.
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