What Is Our Responsibility To Nature?


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Our responsibility to nature is to take care of her. Don't throw things out your car windows for other people to pick up, get involed in your community and recycle, don't use plastic bags buy the ones in the stores and use them. Don't waste things like paper towels and such use a cloth to clean with you have to do laundry anyway. Plant some trees, get involved in a community garden if you live in the city, that way you have fresh vegies to eat in the summer. Make your own food from scratch instead of buying all this crap in plastic and boxes. I could go on and on about our trying to save nature but unless the younger generation doesn't start trying to do things like we did in the sixties and seventies what kind of world are you leaving to your children if there is a world left?
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When we talk abou our rights first of all we must do our duty faithfully.
If we need some thing we try to get it from nature but before that we must try something for the
conservation of nature and its resources.

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