The First Man To Reach The Moon Was Neil Armstrong, But Some Countries Did Not Accept That He Actually Went There. What Is The Proof?


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Some people think the first moon landing where Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon was actually a hoax. This is based on the USA flag moving in the picture and some skeptics thinking it was actually just a man walking in a television studio with special effects added in to make it look like space.
The flag was positioned by the astronauts in a haphazard way that did not allow it to sit up straight. This gives the impression it is waving when in fact it is just the way the flag has been spaced along with the shadows being cast from the spacecraft and other equipment. As the pictures are not of great quality, it is very easy for images to appear like they are moving when they are actually stationary.
Another conspiracy theory includes the notion that Neil Armstrong was filmed by a cameraman. All the other astronauts who made the mission can be seen in the film so skeptics do not understand how he could've been filmed without it being in a television studio by a cameraman. The truth is he was actually filmed by a Lunar Module camera that provided live satellite images from space.
Some people do not believe it was a real moon landing, as there are only very short clips of film. This is due to the fact that NASA scientists did not want the astronauts to be affected by any radiation coming from the surface of the moon. Their time on the surface was therefore kept to a minimum.
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Because that time flag was wondering in air and I think that there is no air in moon
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That time flag was wondering in air and I think that there is no air in moon
I think it is fake
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Yes I think neil armstrong was the first man on the moon
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Firstly its not true that Neil Armstrong was the first man to land on moon the reason for it is that during the cold war between U.S.A and Russia it was decided that whichever of the two countries went to the moon first would win the cold war. SO U.S.A created a plan, they had a place in there which has a surface similar to moon so they shot a video there of astronauts landing on the moon but they forgot that the flag there was fluttering which is not possible because there is no air on the moon . This was observed later due to which countries do not agree that Neil Armstrong was the first man to land on moon.
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Your comment is based on a fallacy. The flag was designed to SIMULATE fluttering in the breeze.
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I remember that at the time of the moon missions there was talk on the radio about the doubts some people had that they were real. I called into a talk show as a former NASA employee and said that there was an easy way to prove that the TV broadcasts from the Apollo capsules really came from the moon: Anyone can set up their own receiver tuned to the frequency used by the astronauts. Then all that would be needed during a mission would be for two such receivers to be set up on opposite sides of the Earth, and by triangulation one could tell where the signal was coming from. Of course, even if someone did that, people could claim that the signal was coming from an unmanned probe in lunar orbit that was relaying sounds and images coming from the surface of the Earth. The problem with that is that if they did that, the time delay between questions and answers in a conversation with the astronauts would be doubled.

Now that there are no missions to the moon anymore, it is no longer possible to do this experiment.

And BTW, while Armstrong was the first man to set foot on the moon, others orbited the moon months or years before that.
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I have seen the pictures at kennedy space centre it shows him there on the moon

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