What Is Cuba Like? And Varadero?


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I suppose you mean Varadero. It is a tourist resort like many others, expensive, boring,you don't see much of Cuba there.
I wouldn't recommend the rest of Cuba either. Expensive for budget travellers, very bed food, everything is fried, beaches are not to comparing with Caribbean or those in Thailand, expect rip off everywhere. Yet, if you know someone living in Cuba you will have the chance to see the best, nice people, good music, hidden places and "playas"....
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Cuba is a beautiful place. I'm going back for my second holiday in May which speaks volumes.  I've been to the Cayos and this year we are going to Holguin.

Cuban beaches are breath taking and the Cubans are very friendly poeple.

Their 5 star hotels are not in any way the same as a european 5 star but that doesn't spoil it. You will hear a lot of poeple say that the food isn't very good. This I think depends on the person. We were more than happy with the food especially the fresh fish.

Although the country is poor the Cubans do not see it that way. And they are more than happy with their lives there. They get free health care and they have medical specialists which are some of the best in the world.

If you do go have a great holiday!
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do i need a visa to cuba as a permanent resident of canada

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