Where Is Cuba?


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Cuba is in The Caribbean Sea just 90 miles south of Florida.
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Cuba, officially known as Republic of Cuba, comprises of the islands of Cuba. Cuba is situated at the northern Caribbean at the meeting point of the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean.

Cuba is placed south of eastern United States and Bahamas, west of the Turks and Caicos Islands and Haiti and east of Mexico, the Cayman Islands and Jamaica are towards the south. Cuba has the highest population in the entire Caribbean region. Its vast culture is obtained from a number of places and people from different origins like its culture to some extent is influenced from the Spanish colonisation period, the foreword of African slaves and to some extent, its closeness to the United States.

Havana is the capital of Cuba and Cuba's National currency is known as Peso.

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It is located off the South-East shoreline of Florida less than 100 miles from the Florida coast.

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North america

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